laptops webcams wireless video cams cell phones
Laptops Webcams Wireless Videocams Cell Phones

Qualitative tools of the future are technology-based, wireless & portable

Live On-line Focus Groups & In-depth Interviews can be done in any time zone using a web-cam & computer. No travel is required for clients, respondents or researchers. Everyone involved in the research can participate from anywhere they can be connected to the Internet; the office, home or a favorite retreat.

Video Journals are a technique that generates video dialogue with ethnographic capabilities.  Participants invite you into their space and you capture their behavior, their surroundings, and their activities in a non-intrusive way like never before. It is a highly flexible technique with limitless possibilities.

On-the-Go Qualitative research is a new way to do research via text messaging. Cell phone penetration is extremely high; basically most folks don’t leave home without their cell phone, so what better way to connect with them. You get real-time responses to your questions throughout the day. Participants respond to your questions WHENEVER, WHEREVER & WHILE they are “in the act” of doing what you’re most interested in learning about. You can also time your questions to coincide with a specific activity or usage pattern.

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